Dr Joanna Bellis at Magdalene Medievalists

On Tuesday, 30th April at 6pm, Dr Joanna Bellis (Pembroke College, Cambridge), will give a colloquium:

On the trail of the ‘trew copy’: the manuscripts of John Page’s The Siege of Rouen.

Dr Bellis is currently the Harry S. Guggenheim Research Fellow at Pembroke College. As well as preparing an edition of John Page’s eyewitness poem The Siege of Rouen, she is working on a monograph provisionally entitled The Word in the Sword: Writing the Hundred Years War, 1337-1600. This will discuss attitudes to language and ‘writing history’ in accounts of the conflict between England and France from the contemporary fourteenth- and fifteenth-century chroniclers and poets who witnessed it, to later sixteenth-century narrators for whom it was their recent history, up to Shakespeare’s history plays. Future projects include a book on representing atrocity in medieval and early modern literature, and a student edition of accounts of the Hundred Years War.

The talk will be held at Magdalene, in the parlour. We have eight spaces to join Dr Bellis afterwards for dinner at a local restaurant. To book your place, please e-mail mms [at] magd.cam.ac.uk by 12pm on Monday, April 29th.


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