Archived Programme

The conference will take place in the Cripps Building, Magdalene College, Cambridge, CB3 0AG. Please click here for a map.

8.45- 9.15am Registration; tea and coffee


Plenary lecture given by Dr Tony Hunt, Oxford University, on ‘The Languages of Medicine in Medieval England’

Chair: Dr Jane Hughes, Cambridge University

10.15 Break; tea and coffee

10.30 Panel 1:

Chair: Dr Elizabeth Dearnley, Cambridge University

Camin Melton (Fordham University): ‘The Prudens and the Scoliere: Authorising Multilingual Instruction in Byrhtferth’s Enchiridion’

Sara Harris (Cambridge University): ‘Ancestral Neologisms in Richard fitz Nigel’s Dialogue of the Exchequer’

David Baker (Cambridge University): ‘Speaking Different Languages in the North: Multilingualism in Orkneyinga saga and the Poetry of Earl Rögnvaldr’

11.50 Break; tea and coffee

12.05  Panel 2:

Chair: Sophie Sawicka-Sykes, University of East Anglia

Alla Babushkina (Centre for Medieval Studies, Toronto University): ‘Translation, Authorship, and Scientific Vocabulary in the Works of Henry Daniel’

Rosalind Lintott (Cambridge University): ‘The Expression of the Liturgy in William Herebert’s Translations’

1.00 Lunch

2.00  Panel 3:

Chair: Sara Harris, Cambridge University

Dr Elizabeth Dearnley (Cambridge University): ‘Prologues and Pythons: A Digital Humanities Approach to French > English Translation’

Marco Prost (Oxford University): ‘Morality and Ethical Valorization in the Anglo-Norman and Welsh Boeve de Haumtone and their Literary Contexts’

Philip Knox (Oxford University): ‘Gower’s Three Apocalypses: The Politics of Language and Apocalypticism in Mirour de l’Omme, Vox Clamantis, and Confessio Amantis’

3.20 Break; tea and coffee

3.40  Panel 4:

Chair: Sarah Waidler, Cambridge University

Natalia Petrovskaia (Cambridge University): ‘O Sarassinec yn an yeith ni: Translating Arabic in the Welsh Charlemagne Cycle’

Eric Lacey, (University College, London): ‘Geac geomran reorde and cog, hiraethawc y llef: the Problem of the Poetic Cuckoos Revisited’

Dr Aled Llion Jones (Bangor University): ‘National Library of Wales, MS Peniarth 50: Welsh Political Prophecy and Multilingualism’

5 – 5.15  Closing remarks given by Professor Helen Cooper, Cambridge University

5.15 – Wine reception